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Providence Academy - Homeschool Co-op

Providence Church is dedicated to teaching and ministering to children in our community. Our program develops the minds and hearts of young ones through classic Christian education. 

Age groups: Pre-school (4 and under) and school aged (5 and over)

Our teachers: Pastor Jacob Hanby, Mrs. Charity Hanby, Mrs. Hannah Haller

Class schedule: Mondays 9am to noon. (enter through the side door)

9am-11am: Mrs. Haller's class meets

10am-11am: Preschool class with Mrs. Hanby


11am-11:30: Bible class for all ages with Pr. Hanby

11:30: Midday Prayer

Families are welcome to pack a lunch and stay for fellowship after closing.

Cost: $25 per month per family

Sign up sheet - click here. 

Liability / consent form (review, sign and return to church office)

Cash or Checks to: Providence Church 


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