We are a Reformed church, which means we stand in the Reformed tradition dating to the 16th century. We hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith and learn from the other Protestant confessions and catechisms, such as the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion and the Three Forms of Unity, as well.

While we look back to the work of the reformers like Calvin, Bucer, Luther, and others with gratitude, we are also"reformational," always reforming our thought and life to be in conformity with God's Word.


Our church life is centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ, the message that God has acted in His Son to free us from the bondage of sin and death through the death and resurrection of Jesus, and through faith in Him we receive new life by the Spirit.

We are passionate about seeing that gospel message transform the lives of people in our community and around the world, just as it has our own lives.


We are a catholic church, which is to say we stand in fellowship with the universal church of Christ around the world and through history. We embrace the ecumenical creeds of the Church- the Aptostle's Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian, and the Definition of Chalcedon.

Also, as a part of the Church catholic, we pray for and work towards the visible unity of all of the Church. We are grieved by the division of the present Church across ethnic and/ or denominational lines, and believe Jesus is working to reunite the body as a testimony to the truth of the gospel (John 17.)